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Pension Funds Management

Customer: Ministry of Finance

Type: Biometric Web Application


Requirements: This project was a government project to provide biometric authentication system instead of the traditional username/password access to pensioners’ data. The system works in such a way that a user opens the web app on a traditional browser such as Firefox, then the user enters his/her phone number, and clicks on a link that will quickly download a JNLP desktop App. This desktop App is designed to interact with the currently open web app on the web browser via Web Socket. This desktop app prompts the user to plug in his/her DigitalPersona fingerprint scanner to the computer and scan his/her thumbprint. The scanned thumbprint is instantly sent back to the web server for authentication. If the scanned thumbprint matches a previously saved thumbprint, then the server authenticates the user and redirect the user to his/her portal on the same browser


Challenge: The major challenge in this biometric application is how to integrate desktop application with web application in real time through websocket such that the desktop app is launched from the web app login page. The desktop app could then be used to capture the pensioner's thumbprint and should automatically close on successful authentication. If authentication is successful, the currently open web app login page should be redirected to the pensioner's portal with his/her personal data.


Solution: The team used Primefaces Websocket and REST API to uniquely assign endpoint channels to each pension client. With those channels the desktop app can send back to the web app server which authentication failed or succeeded.


Results: The consequence of this solution is that desktop applications currently open outside of the scope of another currently open browser could directly communicate with the open browser in real-time.


Region: West Africa

Industry: Financial

Engagement model: Fixed cost model

Technologies: Java, U.are.U Digitalpersona Fingerprint Scanner API, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Primefaces, HTML5, CSS3, Java Server Faces (JSF 2.2), Tomcat 8, SQL Server 2016, DigitalOcean Cloud

Duration: 6 months

Staff: 1 Java EE developer, 1 UI developer, 1 project manager