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Exactbid Real Estate Information Management

Customer: Exactbid LLC

Type: Business Intelligence


Requirements:ExactBid is a mid-sized SaaS (Software as a Service) company that offers web-based real estate investment and management software to financial institutions. The project involved managing over one hundred and fifty databases across multiple servers and developing a new data warehouse. This includes among others programmatically creating and maintaining transactional replications across databases and servers, designing and developing a data warehouse, programmatically creating business intelligence reports against the OLAP data warehouse, providing technical production support to business users, and training junior developers.


Challenge:The major challenge of this project is increasing fault tolerance for database replication setup and schedule.


Solution: Using SSIS package, our BI team segmented each task/step in the process into modules such that when one module fails, the next time that SSIS package runs, it starts from the previous point of failure. the package is programmed to automatically restart using the on error event of SSIS.


Results:Due to high fault tolerance, the SSIS packages run smoothly with little to zero interference by developers to fix any issue. Also as a result, the replicated data are highly available to the consumers.


Region: United States of America

Industry: Financial

Engagement model: Variable cost model

Technologies: SQL Server, TSQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSMS, Jira, Git/Bitbucket

Duration: 12 months

Staff: 5 BI developers, 2 SQL Server Developers