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Production Support

PProduction support is one of the key concepts in IT industry. Deploying a software package on production environment is not enough as users still need continuous technical support to derive maximum value from the software. Additionally there are usually need for hot fixes and ad-hoc amendments to add features that were not conceived during the initial release of the software.

Lack of standby technical support team or even poorly managed or untimely delivered support could wreak havoc on a business' income. It could also lead to poor customer relationship. Therefore the need for a well planned and executed production support cannot be overemphasized.


Support Engineers

Researchers say that about 60 to 90 % of costs related to software account for ongoing maintenance costs! Can you change this trend?

What are the capabilities of Eclisoft's Dedicated Support Center?

We give our clients 24/7 technical support. We currently have up to 15 technical support Engineers and this may be scaled up or down according to your needs.

What is the Technical Support Capability of Eclisoft Team?

Our technical support team are graduates with sound communication skills. They are specially trained on the specific software they are providing support for.

Do you provide trial period for team members?

We have one week of free-of-charge probation period for our Dedicated Support Center. You however have up to 2 weeks trial period.

What means of communication do you use?

We use online helpdesk software, email, phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, and GoToMeeting.

What happens if your support team fails to resolve a user's problem?

If a solution to a reported problem can not be resolved by a support team, the issue is immediately forwarded to the development team. Once the investigation is done, the problem determined and the solution found, the technical support representative contacts the user.

What are your rates?

The rates depend on complexity of the product and client’s requirements. Contact us and we would be pleased to provide you with the price for your dedicated support team.

What value do I get from Eclisoft

Proactive software production support. This means resolving certain issues before they are even reported.

Our well trained technical support teams will handle all your production support needs while you channel your efforts to your core business issues and maximize their value for your company.

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