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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance automation testing services gives you a top notch support and maintenance that will ensure the quality of your software packages and ultimately ensure the usability of your enterprise systems and applications.


Eclisoft's Quality Assurance procedures is based on USA best practices and standards.


For over 5 years, our team of QA professionals has been delivering efficient and satisfactory outsourced testing.


Over the years, our QA team has built up knowledge on how best to properly test a software, they know the right tools to use, the methodologies (Waterfall, V-Model, Incremental, SCRUM, TDD, Kanban, Mixed) to adopt and even worked with our clients to use their existing methodology as required.


QA Resources

Software testing is not just a bug fixing adventure, rather it is the final stamp on a software solution ensuring that it does what the users expect it to do and no more no less.

Functional Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)



Component / Module

Data Driven

Non-functional Testing







Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Software Testing Lifecycle



Eclisoft's QA Processes


First we study our client's requirements and needs. After that a high level estimate is provided.


Next we analyse and model the requirements and translate it to test suites. After that a Master Test Plan document with detailed planning as well as the project's timeline is created.


We prepare test environment, test cases, smoke test, test data, requirements traceability matrix (mapping test cases to business requirements).


We run the tests according to the test plan & testing methodology used in your organization.


Finally, we archive and provide all deliverables as agreed during the initial phase. The project ends with a feedback from you.

Eclisoft QA Services in Figures

Projects Completed
90 k
Test Cases Developed
190 k
Tests Executed

Why Outsource Your QA Project to Eclisoft?


Our clients are at the center of everything we do. Our project plan, processes involved, and execution are precisely based on our clients' needs, requirements, and goals. Be rest assured that Eclisoft will stay and work with you until the ultimate purpose whether it is cost reduction or ROI improvement of the project is realized.

USA Standards

Our team leaders and some team members schooled and worked in the USA. We use US-based software development and testing standards and best practices. We also engage services of independent auditors to audit our software solutions before delivery.

Quality & Results

Our engineers are focused on delivering effective results.

Sound Communication

We understand communication is a critical issue in software development, breakdown of which could lead to a stalled project. We maintain effective communication among teams and between us and our clients throughout a project's life.